Build a Dynamic Affiliate Web Site with SellFire’s Data Feed API

SellFire’s Data API is the easiest way to create a completely dynamic, searchable affiliate web site. Using the Data API, you have instant access to the data feed of nearly 3,000 merchants from 8 affiliate networks. Altogether, this gives you the capability to add over 45 million products and 17,000 coupons to your website.

SellFire Affiate Data Feed API
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SellFire's Data API

The data API is for people or companies who have some programming background and want to create a web site with dynamic, relevant affiliate advertisements. The data API allows you or your programmer the capability of instantly querying millions of affiliate products and embed them onto your site any way you can think of.

What are the features?

With SellFire's Data API, you can...

  • Query our database of 76 million products from 10 affiliate networks
  • Search over 21,000 coupon and deals
  • Filter results by price, discount, merchant, affiliate network, category, keyword, and more
  • Retrieve structured JSON product data or dynamic, ready to embed HTML of product advertisements
  • Ensure your advertisement content never goes stale
  • See our documentation for full feature list

Where is the API’s documentation?

The technical documentation for how to use and interact with the data API can be found here.

What networks and merchants are available?

We currently work with 10 networks and over 4,100 merchants. For a full list of all available networks and merchants, see our partner’s page.

How much does the Data API cost?

The Data API is available for the low monthly cost of $49.99 per month. There are no setup fees and no contracts. You keep 100% of your commissions. The monthly fee includes 30,000 API requests. Additional requests are billed at the rate of $0.75 per 1000.

What do I need to use the API?

To use the API, you will need:

  • A web site hosting provider
  • An account with one of our partner affiliate networks
  • A programmer capable of implementing a web service

Common Uses of the SellFire Data API

The Data API can be used to help make any website that shows product related advertisements. However, there are a few popular types of sites that the data API is particularly well suited for.

Comparison shopping engine

The Data API is a great way to quickly get a comparison shopping site up and running with millions of products. The API makes it easy to find similar products and list them back to the customer. Use the Data API to search by UPC Code, ISBN, manufacturer name and price range.

Product Review Site

Are you creating a site that will review and discuss products? Using the SellFire API you can place relevant affiliate links for virtually any of the products reviewed on your site.

Coupon Site

Setting up a coupon site? Using the SellFire API you can find over 16,000 coupons and sales. All the data is sanitized and structured with coupon codes already identified.

Daily Deals Website

Do you want to create a site that offers your visitors products that have been deeply discounted? Using the API you can find millions of on sale products and filter them by either their discount amount ($5.00 off) or by their discount percentage (75% off)

How the SellFire Data API Enables Rapid Time to Market

If you are a developer, you might be wondering why you cannot just code this solution from the ground up. While that is certainly possible, you should not underestimate the vast undertaking of implementing a cross network data feed aggregation and search service. Our solution has thousands of hours of development time invested into it.

If you are considering implementing your own solution, consider all of the steps you’ll need to take to get just a basic system operational:

Build Your Own SellFire

Network Data Feed Research

Each network has a different format for their data feeds. You will need to learn the format for each feed and map it to a common format.

  • Weeks of effort
  • Constant maintenance
  • Done for you

Data Feed Access Approval

Some networks/merchants require that you get special approval to access their FTP feed.

  • Constant maintenance
  • Done for you

Data Feed Retrieval

Learn how to retrieve the feeds from each network. Every network is different and some require you pay to access their feed system.

  • Weeks of effort
  • Hundreds of dollars
  • Done for you

Feed Sanitation

Even within a network, there can be considerable differences between how each merchant populates their data feeds. The feed for each merchant needs to be analyzed for oddities and corrected.

  • Months of effort
  • Constant maintenance
  • Done for you

Search Engine

Retrieving and normalizing the data feeds is just half the battle. You will also need a way to search and find relevant products.

  • Months of effort
  • Constant maintenance
  • Done for you


Running a software system that integrates and searches millions of products requires some pretty significant hardware.

  • Thousands of dollars
  • Included